My kids are ruining my body (still)

Sarah Farrar

Here's the deal- I am not perfect, but I eat pretty healthy; low carb, real foods, I even dip my toe in a ketogenic diet now and then... but the pants get tighter all the time.  

The real wild card is working out... on a good weekend I squeeze in a hike.  but day-to-day I really struggle to find time to work out.  And yes... I could get up even earlier, or yes, I could work out after the kids are asleep.  But frankly, but sleep and uninterrupted GLOW binges with my husband have value in my life too. 

I see the lovely 20-something yoga mom's in their matching yoga pants, doing matching downward-facing dogs with their darling tiny toddlers.  But my kids are too old for matching yoga gear, and too young to leave home alone while I go to the gym... and they have a knack for fighting like they are in the Thunder-dome as soon as I roll out my mat. 

This is my question to you.... how do you do it?  The mom's, who rush home from work, and try to get a healthy dinner made, and missed their kiddos desperately all day, but wish that for one hour they would Just.Shut.Up.  What is the trick?

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