Don't tell my husband... I secretly love my commute

Sarah Farrar

Living in one of the most congested parts of the country, I have my share of road-rage moments.  And I don't like bumper to bumper stress more than anyone else.

But twice a day, for about 45 minutes, I am alone...  Not alone like when you go to the grocery store because it has air conditioning and no one will talk to you.  Not alone like when you stop seeking in the 15th round of hide-and-seek and hope it takes five minutes for someone to notice.

Completely, indulgently, alone.  

Even though I am inevitably late to a meeting or rushing to pick up before daycare closes, this time has become my saving grace.  The portal between mother and executive, and back.  So, once I am in the car and at the mercy of the traffic gods I try to make the most of this time.  I am a master at dictation... I voice text myself everything from grocery lists to, well, blog posts.  

I eat the really good snacks.

I feed my podcast addictions.  

Lately, I listen to audio books.  Sometimes frothy, summery audio books, but more often "self discovery" books.  Hey- we are all seeking something, and I am alone for 45 minutes! 

I recently listened to The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson (because, decidedly, I give too many) and I was completely inspired.  Sometimes it feels like I am emotionally invested in everything, obsess over everything, take responsibility for everything... and I loved that this book encouraged me to not give a f*ck about all of it.  And even better to say "no" to the things I really don't want to take on- without guilt.  Ok, the book didn't cure my guilt.  It did, however, remind me that everyone feels guilty, or maybe angry over petty infractions- and, what a colossal waste of energy those feeling are.  



That's a lot of actual thinking to accomplish during a commute... but that's mom-life: take what you can get, when you can get it!  Where do you sneak in your alone time?

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