30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 1

Sarah Farrar

40 is officially less than 6 months away, and I am not going without a fight!  Today, that fight started out with the first of a 30 day yoga challenge. 


I did 30 days of yoga last year, and in addition to the physical benefits, the mental benefits were pretty surprising.  I felt generally more prepared for what the day threw at me- personally or professionally.  Coming to the end of my 30's, it sees like a good place to revisit.  I intend to include my family where possible: Jeff did the 30 day challenge with me last year, so maybe I can get him again, and the kids are happy to play along every once in a while too.  But family fitness is not the objective this time(if it is a by-product, hooray)  This time is about heading into the second half of my life faster, fitter, and harder to kill.  

This morning was only 20 minutes- tomorrow I'll go for longer.  

If you want to play along- YouTube has a ton of great yoga videos, and Yoga With Adrienne does a very straightforward 30 Day Challenge.   There is tons of great yoga gear in my shop under "fitness" to make sure you are fully prepped and ready to go.


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